Top 5 Most Crucial Lessons to Know Before Starting a Blog

If you’ve clicked on this link, you’re probably starting to think about writing about something you’re very passionate about. Like many things in life, we need to decide how to turn our hobbies into real and tangible things, especially if one is looking to do something more with it. Blogging is an amazing activity, and writing about your favorite subjects and passions can be a very great way to communicate what’s on your mind.

Blogging has the added benefit of providing you with an organic following, and if you’re so inclined, you can turn the blog into a profitable niche site where your readers can actually interact with you.

With the above being said, you’ve probably got millions of questions in your head that you need answered, so let’s get started with the steps you need to start a blog!

1. Enduring and sticking with it

Blogging takes a lot of time and patience. It is going to be very new to you and you are unaware of the things that you need to do before you start. Give yourself time to learn, and do not expect your blog to be a hit overnight. Blogs are rarely just sites where you start writing, push submit, and repeat. Experimenting with different formats, advertising yourself, grabbing a following, learning how to be posted on other blogs/sites, guest posts and many other different things go into starting a blog. This list will help you with the main ones, but make sure you are choosing something you are passionate about. If your goal is to create a secondary income, then you’re on the right path, but most bloggers write and create about something they are very knowledgeable, passionate or interested in so that in periods of little to no income, they are not discouraged.

2. Design and Content

It can be tempting to try and produce content as often and as quickly as possible. It can also be tempting to snoop around your friend’s posts and copy and paste them as your own when you feel that you lack creativity. While you may think that having alot of content will gain you more traffic, it is definitely not the most important factor and one that shouldn’t be a priority. It is largely crucial to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis. There are many blogs that are sold to others for passive income, where the buyer does not make any new posts, just maintains the site. If you provide a group of people with life changing information, or something that has enriched their lives or knowledge by only a fraction, they will be thankful for it and search other posts. If they find ten other articles that are not as good quality, they will eventually subconsciously discredit your site and it will be difficult to win them back.

Checkout our guide to the 5 Phases of writing a blog post here.

3. Hosting

A very overlooked factor to those that are new to blogging is hosting. You will need to store your site somewhere, and you will need a domain name, which is the name in the URL. Dot com endings are generally more popular and will increase credibility and traffic, but are generally more expensive. While starting a blog is not free, it is not very expensive either. Don’t expect to pay more than 150USD for hosting a year. For design flexibility, a very large storage capacity and general ease of use make sure to find a site that hosts WordPress. WordPress is very beginner friendly and contains all the tools you need to keep and maintain your blog.

If you are in need of hosting checkout Bluehost, an affordable way to get started with blogging. (Affiliate link)

4. Learning SEO and HTML

You don’t need to be an expert, but learning search engine optimization is very important, even if just fundamentally. Traffic derived from google and other search engines is important to growth and can make a significant different. HTML is a coding language, and while with WordPress you won’t need to write any lines of code, it presents you with a great advantage if you can read the code and adjust certain values and parameters for your themes and plugins. It will make your design look better, and your setup easier!

5. Marketing and Advertising

Make sure to get social with your blog. Share it with your friend sand entice your family to share it on wards. let everyone know how your blog will help them. Learn to write compelling posts. Learn to link your articles to other articles. Find other bloggers that you can guest post in. If you are solving a problem, find an audience with the problem and offer the solution- with the solution being your blog posts!


It can be very daunting to start a blog. It is both very simple to start, but very difficult to master. Some are frightened by a blank page, and others are shy in incentivizing readers to return. As long as you’re passionate about your niche, you will not get these feelings as often and you will ultimately prosper. We hope that you feel a lot more prepared!

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